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Sandi Mitchell, CPC, ACC, MBA, is the Inner Genius Coach™.  She has shared simple tools in her meaningful chapter, that become building blocks for a powerful journey to personal growth.

“Today Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, along with 18 inspiring co-authors from around the world, including Sandi Mitchell, bring a pioneering work to the market to transform your own journey into master manifestation.... In fact, Jim and Jim’s publications lead to this one APEX MOMENT.”



~ Berny Dohrmann




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Sandi, the Inner Genius Coach™, is certified as an executive coach who created and uses the APEX Leadership System™ – Awareness. Performance. Excellence. Xtraordinary. Leadership. She also specializes in emotionally intelligent negotiations through her EQ Negotiation™ program. Sandi is an international speaker and executive coach who connects to audiences, inspiring and motivating them to reach even higher. She coaches exceptional people to be leaders AND leader makers. Learn more about her workshops and speaking topics at

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